Author - shtupandlift

Eric Lilliebridge – 250kg/551.1lb Raw Bench Paused 3-26-15

This was my last heavy bench session before my meet in 3 weeks. I’ll basically just be de loading from now until then. The last 3 attempts I did for this session will be very close to my attempts at the meet. Within 2.5-5kg most likely. I worked up to 250kg for a paused single. It was definitely a lot harder than I expected it to be, but this was the most I’ve ever paused in training so I was happy with that. Coming off a de load into the meet, I think I’ll be good for at least 252.5kg there for a PR.


Eric Lilliebridge – 455kgs/1,003.1lbs Raw Squat w/ wraps 3-14-15

Worked on some heavy singles for this squat training session. I was planning on taking around 450kg for a single, but my warm ups were feeling good so I went a little bit heavier than I had planned. 455kg felt good, speed felt consistent between my last heavy single to my top set. I still have one more heavy squat training session before my meet. Currently 5 weeks out from UPA Nationals on April 18th.


Eric Lilliebridge – 440kg/970lbs x 2 Raw Squat w/ wraps PR

Today was my 2nd heavy squat session for my meet prep. I pushed my squats a little harder this session and went for a PR for a double. My best before for a double was 960lbs. So this was a small 10lb PR, but felt like I could have done another 10-15lbs for 2 reps. Also, our gym recently got some used Ivanko kilo plates, so all of my training from now until the meet will be with those plates. I want everything to be as close as possible to the same equipment and everything that will be used at the meet so I can use that to my advantage come meet day.