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This is why I love powerlifting

This Is Why I Love Powerlifting

I live for this exact moment right here. It’s you vs the bar on your last heavy set. Your favorite lifting song blasting on the stereo, your team mates pushing you and cheering you on. All of your emotions, adrenaline and anger being released all at once for just a short burst of time until you’re done with the lift. The satisfaction of completing a heavy lift or PR and walking away from it like it wasn’t shit, is one of the best feelings I continue to experience on a weekly basis. For just 30 seconds or less, I get to completely forget about everything else in my life and just let loose. This is why I love Powerlifting.


905lbs Raw Deadlift Attempt

905lbs Raw Deadlift attempt. Felt good today so decided to see if I could pull over 900 for fun. This is as high as I got it up before my grip gave out. Very hot and humid in the gym today! Strength was definitely there, grip wasn’t. Still very happy with this, considering I’m no where near peaked and I’m just screwing around having fun in the gym. Might give this a try again in a couple weeks and see what happens! Body weight was 308lbs this morning.

-Eric Lilliebridge


Eric Lilliebridge – 905lbs Raw Deadlift Attempt

For this training session I decided to see where my strength was at. My warm ups were feeling really good so I decided to see if I could pull around 900 still. My strength felt good, and I felt like I could have finished the lift but my grip gave out towards the top of the lift due to it being very hot and humid in the gym. I may try this in a couple weeks if I’m feeling good again.