Author - shtupandlift

Eric Lilliebridge- 1,100kgs/2,425lbs Raw total w/ wraps All-Time World Record @ 140kg/308lbs

Not exactly the total I was shooting for, but it was a huge PR and broke my old world record total @ 308 by 25kgs/55lbs. I also broke the all time world record raw squat w/ wraps @ 308 on my 2nd attempt with 1,003lbs and re broke it again on my 3rd and took the highest world record of all time with 1,025lbs. The two 1,000+lb squats took a lot out of me. My bench was down a little bit and I stayed conservative and went for a number I knew I could get and called for 250kg/551lbs on my 3rd attempt. I missed my opener pull because I came too far back on my heals at lock out and ended up falling backwards. Rather than re taking something I knew I could do easily, I jumped to 848 to break the 2,400lb mark with a 2,425lb total. I unfortunately felt a little pop in my upper right hamstring on my 2nd attempt pull and was un able to try a 3rd attempt. It’s nothing too serious, just a minor tear I’m assuming, but it was enough for me to pass on my 3rd and call it there. Definitely could have gone over 2,450 if was able to try for a 3rd attempt pull.